Flying in a town near you

The Bulldog Squadron consists of skaters
who continue to be inspired by the work
of Wes Humpston and Bulldog Skates

Steve Holt - No. California

Steve Holt is one of the BDS masters. While growing up during the 70's surfing and skating in Oxnard CA, Steve became part of the original Sims Pro-Am Team. Steve is known for his prowess on a 4 wheeled deck and the mighty eight wheeler as well.

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Kevin Miranda - So. California

At 8 years old this little ripper already has almost 5 years of skating under his belt. Pools and anything vert are Kevins terrain of choice..."I like to go high and fast". His smooth and fluid style is what makes him fun to watch regardless of the terrain he's skating. Kevin is also an A+ student and is described by his peers as well mannered, talented, intellectual, and articulate. The BDS Squadron is proud to have Kevin flying BDS!

Cenen Aparicio - So. California

Cenen Aparicio began skating in 1977 and surfing soon after. He earned his skating chops at the huge walls of Montecito's infamous Tea Bowls through the 80's and early 90's. Cenen is also an artist and is a huge fan of Rick Griffin and Von Dutch. As such, Wes's artwork speaks deeply to him. When the surf is down, Cenen can be found in the skateparks of the Santa Barbara and Ventura county area.

Jeff Donovan - So. California

Jeffrey Donovan is another skater to have come out of the 1970's Jungleland skate scene. His other haunts included Aloha Skatetown and the backyard pools of Thousand Oaks. An avid four and eight wheeler skater, Jeff can often be found in an inverted position at parks in the Central and Southern CA regions.

Ed Isaacs - So. California

Ed Isaacs is the original BDS Test Pilot. He has shredded nearly every deck ever produced by BDS. Also an innovator and custom deck maker himself, Ed has a keen appreciation of all that Wes does and shows it by grinding his decks as hard as possible!

Jeff Jansen - So. California

Jeff Jansen spent the 1970's and early 1980's skating parks such as the Monster Bowl, Cherry Hill, Vernon Valley and more. Wes has been Jansen's artist/board designer of choice since first eyeing DT boards from the 70's. Jansen is another BDS skater brave enough to conquer the mighty eight wheeler, although you can still find him on a four wheeler as well in the Parks/Pools of the San Diego area.

Ragnar Johnson - No. California

Ragnar Johnson started skating in the mid 70's on the ramps, ditches and parks of the San Fernando Valley. An avid surfer, Johnson competed everywhere from Santa Cruz to Australia with sponsorships from Miramar Surfboards, Victory Wetsuits and Gotcha Sportswear. Surfing and skating continue to be a big part of Johnson's life - "This is a great time for me, meeting new friends and skating with living legends. Spread the stoke! BDS!"

Frank Molina - Virginia

Frank Molina style is fast and aggressive. Known for not being able to land a layback air but also known for relentlessly trying to land it. Skating since the early 70's, he was never afforded the luxury of vert until his late 30's. Now he skates vert every chance he gets and where ever his travels take him.

Chris Olden - No. California

Chris Olden IS speed. Known for his relentless power carves Chris has earned the nickname I.C.B.M. from his fellow BDS Pilots. Chris is also known for his prowess behind the camera as well as in front of and can be found at the better Northern CA parks on a regular basis...just look for the flying missile grinding the coping.

Tim Ostrom - So. California

Tim Ostrom started skating in 1976, skating the local pipes, ditches, hills and the Moving On Skatepark. Ostrom also got into surfing in 1979 and surfing soon became his real passion. Today Ostrom does both and his skating style has earned him the nickname of "Mr. Smooth" by many of his fellow Squadron members. Tim can currently be found in the parks and pools of the Southern California skate scene.

Armando Roura - New York

Armando Roura has been skating Since the 1970's and his smooth, aggressive style earned him a spot on the Playero Sk8 Team in 1978. Today Armando can still be found in the Parks and Pools of New York (and other exotic locations). An artist in his own right, Armando's appreciation of Wes's art is apparent when you see him skate!

Brian Sneed - Arkansas

Brian Sneed has spent 3 decades traveling the country surfing and skating, spending most the 60's & 70's between San Diego and Honolulu. In 1978 Brian appeared on the cover of Wild World of Skateboarding and his sponsors included both Hobie and Pepsi. He went on to form the Coca-Cola Rad Ramp team in 1979. In recent years Brian has cemented his ties to the BDS familia: "A family of core skaters, riding pools & parks, partying hard and promoting the Icon that is Wes Humpston & BDS".

Frank Still - So. California

Frank Still has been known for his skating ability and style since the 70's Jungleland skate scene. Selected for the original Surf'NWear skate team in Thousand Oaks, Still skated many of the Southern CA parks of the day. Frank can be found tearing the coping off parks and pools in the Central and Southern CA regions.

Andre van Wyk - South Africa

Andre van Wyk has been skating the South African countryside since receiving his first deck on his 6'th birthday. A fluid surfer, skater and scuba diver, van Wyk enjoys skateboarding today more than ever before and that enjoyment can be seen in his aggressive yet smooth style. Riding BDS decks is a natural for Andre, commenting that "BDS just fits with my style and my personality. I wanna go fast, grind far and have a blast with my mates"

Jay Vonesh - Colorado

Jay Vonesh started skating in 1975 in the empty pools of the Palm Springs area. Vonesh also skated all of the So Cal skateparks in the late '70s but his favorites remain the Big 'O' and Pipeline. Vonesh is a youth pastor by day and skateboarding is always a part of his ministry. When not on his deck you'll find Jay rock or ice climbing, mountain biking or mountain boarding. If there's risk involved... Jay's game!